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About World Famous Items

'World Famous Items' is an online store for selling World Famous Items only which are famous in the world because of it's unique and superior quality.  

Our Manufuacturers are carefully chosen from across India. our manufacturers have generations of experience in making their respective World Famous Items. Hence, quality of World Famous Items sold on our site is guaranteed. 

We are not a market place, like many other E-commerce comapanies, where anybody can sell anything for whatever price they want, rather we deal with carefully chosen manufacturers only; only 10% of the manufacturers/wholesalers could qualify our strict criteria of superior quality at suitable price.

World Famous Items ( ) is a product of AARNAINNOVATIVE IT SOLUTIONS PVT LIMITED founded by Aashutos Kumar who has filed patents in the areas of Solar Energy, Secure Banking, Martial-Art Yoga, Nunchaku Techniques, 'Electronic Voting Machine (EVM) with Ballot paper like functionality without using any paper' and a PATENT in the field of Agriculture industry for Controlled Crop Production to make sure that onion/tomatoe's prices neither go too high causing people panic nor too low causing severe loss to farmers.  

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